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I Hate Comic Book Physics - The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Wolf
I Hate Comic Book Physics
I hate comic book physics. Not all of them, mind you. I just hate most of them. For instance, for a brief second last night, I thought I could stat out The Flash. I approximated the old Golden Age Flash's speed, applied rules, and voila. It all worked pretty nicely. Then I read the DC Wiki about this Speed Force shit and how The Flash can do things that violate all reality, even his own, at will. The Flash(es) just don't "want" to all the time... or remember to... or are written as such... God, it pisses me off. That is the one thing I am determined to fix with any fiction or game system I write. There is no supernatural; only natural that you don't know the rules for yet. Cast fireballs, run as fast as the speed of light, etc. Just don't bullshit me with retarded MacGuffin systems and dare to call it a world. Don't ask me to suspend my disbelief so you can be a lazy bastard.

Do your damn homework.
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