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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Wolf

The Talented Mr Wolf
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Right. It's bad enough you people have me actually maintaining a journal. Now you want me to give you a mini-bio? Fuck you.
abstractism, adrenaline highs, al capone, aleister crowley, alfred hitchcock, amadeus, anime, anti-martyrdom, art, audition, axes, beat takeshi, being good not lucky, black flag, black magick, blue velvet, body art, boyd rice, cabaret voltaire, carnivores, cartoons, charles baudelaire, cheshire cat, christopher lee, cinema, clockwork orange, coil, costume design, current 93, danse macabre, dario argento, dark city, david lynch, david vanian, dead or alive, death rock, depeche mode, duck soup, dune, edgar allen poe, evolution, exploitation, exploration, extreme sensations, fiends, from hell, fuck, gangster films, genesis p-orridge, goblin, good food, guilty pleasures, h.r. giger, hammer films, hannibal lector, hedonism, horror films, hunting, inferno, insanity, instinct, intention, jack the ripper, jackson pollack, james cagney, joy division, kitten, lard, lone wolf and cub, love, lust, mario bava, marquis de sade, mediocrity, merzbow, michael moore, mine claws, ministry, mobster flims, mobsters, morrissey, mozart, my will, nature, neil gaiman, non, oscar wilde, painful but fabulous, performance art, peter cushing, peter jackson, phantom of the paradise, pistols, poetry, pop art, poppy z. brite, poster art, rabid sex, rage, roger corman, roman polanski, salvador dali, samurai, samurai fiction, sensation, sergio leone, shotguns, sick fucks, spagetti westerns, spider, star wars, straight razors, style, stylish grue, subhumans, surrealism, swords, takashi miike, taunting stupid people, the cramps, the damned, the marx brothers, the nightmare before xmas, the smiths, thirst, thrillers, throbbing gristle, tim burton, tommyguns, vincent price, vincent van gogh, violence, vision and the void, weaponry, wesley willis, whimpers, whip and the body, william burroughs, writing, wulves